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We offer a variety of techniques that combine helps your health and well being.

Correct assessment leads to correct and effective treatment.

Fascia Work

Fascia it is a very dynamic soft tissue of the body.

Knowledge of the specific qualities of fascia and the unique way that it works in the body has only been researched over the past 30 years.

It has been found that fascia dramatically affects the posture and the function of every organ and system of the body.

Fascia can become solidified and immobile due to stress, trauma or bad posture. It can also become twisted, overstretch or bound up as in case of scar tissue. The very unique system of tension exerted by fascia on the muscles and skeleton is what actually holds us up in gravity. When abnormal force vectors due to stress or trauma move trough the body, they can create misalignment of the skeleton and distortions of the posture.

Fascia is treat by stretching the area of the body with a very soft and light pressure till a barrier is found and allowing the softness of the barrier allowing the fascia to move and open again.

Hara Work

Hara (region of abdomen) is the centre of a person, not only physically, but also energetically.

Some believe it to be "the spiritual centre of the soul and the body’s life processes".

Hara massage is the most important aspect of a traditional shiatsu treatment.

When someone receives traditional Hara treatment, many things occur in the body.

Circulation is stimulated, digestion strengthens, absorption & blood quality improve, oxygenation of tissues occurs. Hormonal function steps up, reproductive organs awaken and sexual energy receives a boost.

Structural Correction

Energetic distortions create structural distortions and structural distortions create energetic distortions.

Therefore, aligning the denser bones and muscles structure needs to be seen in conjunction with the energetic flow of meridians and points .

In Structural Correction techniques the aim is encouraged the adjustment of the denser bones of the pelvic area.

To achieve that we use Sotai/MET ( Muscle Energy Techniques).

Sotai or Muscle Energy Technique (MET)

MET uses a muscle's own energy in the form of gentle contractions to relax the muscles and lengthen them.

MET is used for:

  • treating the loss of range of movement in a joint and the corresponding muscles;
  • releasing very specific groups of muscles or fibres which are tight and restrict movement

MET effects may include:

  • improve in circulation, respiration and nerve responses by creating more elasticity and space in the joints and muscles
  • lengthens tense muscles and fascia
  • there may be an increase in the person range of motion and mobilizes restricted joints
  • strength a weak muscle and/or decreases over-active or under-active muscle fibres
  • improves balance, alignment and posture

Qi Channels (Meridians) and

Tsubos (Pressure Points)

Work with Shiatsu affects a particular system of Energy in the body called Meridians that means “channel”.

We can look at them like an underground river which flows over the surface of the body and into the interior of the body and organs.

This pathway flow in a particular pattern over the head and trunk and along the limbs.

There are particular Tsubos (pressure points), where the energy of the meridians and its corresponding organs are accessible.

The Tsubo is like an opening into the Channel where the Qi can be reached and influenced by applying pressure.

Both Channels and Tsubos are found in the spaces between the muscles and other tissues of the body.

Researches in China has indicated that the flow of energy through the meridians is conducted into the body via the fascia.

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