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Miriam Machado

Unwinding Mind through Body

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Her Hands speak the language of the Body.

Miriam has a natural ability to relieve people from the pain they hide within them.

This ability is supported with the knowledge she acquired through years of intensive training.

At a young age body issues started arising.

Miriam's mornings used to start with strong muscular pain, back tension and achy joints. Constant stress throughout the days would lead to mood swings and her nights often ended with insomnia and restless legs.

Her body was calling for support to be able to handle her lifestyle.

She tried Western medicine, and at the time it didn't seem enough. The Mind & Body were asking for more!

She engaged with Alternative Oriental Healing and discovered a whole new approach to the Human Mind & Body.

In 2012 she initiated her studies in Reflexology in Portugal and followed with Shiatsu, Japanese Rejuvenation Facial Massage and Soft Tissue Management in England.

Her awareness developed step by step, health and priorities in life started to change.

Through the years that she has been treating people, she found a much greater capacity for healing in Alternative Medicine. With practice, training and people's feedback, she found this Art of treating would target more the roots of the problems helping  one's awareness evolve, enabling people to look after themselves in more depth physically, mentally and emotionally, and therefore cope with their daily life challenges in a new way.

Miriam is still very passionate and fascinated at the way the Mind manifests through the Body, and she incorporates this concept into every treatment. "Unwinding Mind through the Body" where Mind, Body and Emotions all come as one, helping others achieve better health and well-being in their own lives.


2012- Reflexology at Procuradissimo School, Portugal

2015- Shiatsu Shin-Tai at British School of Shiatsu-Do (BSS) , London

          -Shiatsu Meridian Free by Wilfried Rappenecker

2016 - Japanese Rejuvenation Facial Massage by Doe Warnes

         - Zen Shiatsu-Do at BSS, London

2017- Shiatsu Structural Alignment at BSS, London

          - Pregnancy Shiatsu at BSS, London

2018- Conception Vessel & Hara by Kindy Kaur, Nottingham

2019 - Thai Massage Workshop by Sat Chit, Manchester

          - Deep Tissue & Stretches at Manchester School of Massage

          - Sport Massage  at Manchester School of Massage

          - Embody Chakras with Shiatsu by Kindy Kaur, Nottingham

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